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Fresh Roast SR700 Home Coffee Roaster by Fresh Roast B00I5W9OQ6

Codice Prodotto: B00I5W9OQ6
Disponibilità: In Magazzino
60,86€ 45,94€

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Peso articolo2,56 Kg
Dimensioni prodotto2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm
Wattaggio1600 watt
Materialeacciaio inossidabile
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Peso di spedizione2,7 Kg
Disponibile su a partire dal9 giugno 2016
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.com: 4,0 su 5 stelle 52 recensioni John5,0 su 5 stelleAlthough there are better roasters out there if you want to spend the ...10 aprile 2017 - Pubblicato su .comAcquisto verificatoAlthough there are better roasters out there if you want to spend the extra bucks and roast more at once, this is the perfect size for me. I like the programmability of it. There are open source programs you can get for free that control the roast by temperature. This allows you to research and experiment to get the best roast for your coffee to suit your personal taste. I am retired and this makes for a satisfying hobby to learn how to roast. There is a facebook page mainly for roasters that use this machine and you can pick up recipes and tips to help you produce a better cup of coffee quicker than experimenting all on your own. If you plan on going commercial with your roasting you may want to start with a bigger and more expensive machine. But, if you just want to have the best tasting coffee for your personal use, this is probably the best for the price. I started out using a popcorn popper but after a month I progressed to the SR700 and am glad I did. The chaff catcher works pretty good but you need to be careful when handling it. If you drop it, it breaks or chips pretty easy and spills the chaff all over. I use it under the stove vent and it works good for me. Some take it outside or in the garage cause they don't like the roast smell in the house.Leggi di più 9 persone l'hanno trovato utile. racer74,0 su 5 stelleThis is a good roaster for anyone with a techie bent to learn ...9 dicembre 2014 - Pubblicato su .comAcquisto verificatoThis is a good roaster for anyone with a techie bent to learn about how to control home roasting. The beans are very visible when roasting and allow the user to experience both the appearance and smell of beans at the various roast stages. The ability to run/control from a PC screen with time clearly visible helps teach basic roast timing, including the rapid bean development that happens in later roast stages (and the ease with which one can go from a dark roast to beans on fire if you're careless).

On manual mode, it works pretty much like other Fresh Roast models so unless you want to develop stored recipes for your computer, there is no significant reason to purchase this over the SR500, for example. EVEN WITH A STORED RECIPE IN THE SR700, NO ROASTER SHOULD BE RUN UNATTENDED DUE TO FIRE RISKS.

The biggest drawback to this as a teaching tool is that its fan noise makes it harder to hear first and second crack sounds critical to judging roast levels.

The biggest drawback to this as a routine roaster is its small capacity (about 4 oz). The Behmor 1600 with its 1 lb capacity is the most practical home roaster for those who don't want to roast every 3 or 4 days but it also has limitations. Regrettably, there is no reasonably priced home roaster that allows instrumented, computer controlled roast profiles as is done by professional roasters on larger equipment. The closest are professional sample roasters that cost a few thousand dollars though some capable techies build their own.

Current home roasters, used well by owners who have climbed the learning curve, can produce excellent results that allow owners to have the freshest possible coffee and to experiment with various beans and roast profiles. Home roasting, like home brewing, is a way to have what you want when you want it and requires similar effort (though a lot less cleaning). This model is one good way to start, but not the only one.Leggi di più 31 persone l'hanno trovato utile. Coffee does it5,0 su 5 stelleReally nice13 luglio 2017 - Pubblicato su .comAcquisto verificatoI use this with Openroast and it has changed my coffee life. I can't even stand to look at roasted beans from the store. It works very well. You can buy replacement parts. I just hook it to my computer, load the profile and hit go.

Update 8/9/2018: I was able to get Openroast to work on a Raspberry Pi 3 B. This is a game changer for me. Now i just use VNC from my phone and control my roasts... no laptop/full computer needed. Perhaps one night I will write a wiki article or a youtube video on how to get it running.Leggi di più 7 persone l'hanno trovato utile. MotoGuy2,0 su 5 stelleUsable & relatively inexpensive, but has some serious shortcomings28 maggio 2015 - Pubblicato su .comAcquisto verificatoPros:
- The pieces fit together well - good manufacturing quality
- Capable of making good coffee roasts based on your custom roasting profile
- Relatively quick and quiet
- Cheaper than other programmable roasters I looked at

- Programming the SR700 is a miserably unintuitive experience.
- Requires a USB connection to a computer and their amateurish software to program the roasting profiles. My previous roaster, the Hearthware iRoast 2, could be programmed using just the buttons on the front panel.
- No temperature readout on the SR700 front panel.
- I cannot find a way to save more than one roasting profile in the SR700 at a time, so changing a profile requires reconnecting to the computer and overwriting the previous one. That's a major drawback for experimenting with different beans and roasts.
- Horrendous instructions - printed in a tiny font (maybe 7 points?) on crudely cut & stapled paper. The instructions contain incorrect steps, broken English, and descriptions that don't match the software interface. Plan on reading it a few times and experimenting with the software.
- Mistakes in the software interface design cause confusion. For example, the Save and Download buttons are on different screens, and the Download button (used for saving a new roast profile in the SR700) doesn't work until you select each programmed step, click download, and then exit the entire menu. Huh? In general, the software looks amateurish and does not appear to follow basic design standards.
- The roaster consists of four main parts (base, glass container, and a two-piece chaff collector) that are held together by gravity and get very hot when roasting. You have to be extra careful not to knock over the roaster, and the chaff collector handles are very hot when the roast is finished.
- When you lift the chaff collector off the glass container after roasting, some chaff usually falls into the coffee beans.
- No suggested roasting profiles in the manual or in the software. The default profile seems unusable; the first stage was hot enough to take the beans through first crack in just 2 minutes! And by the way, you cannot overwrite the default profile with your own custom profile: you can save one custom profile in the roaster and the useless one always comes up first by default when you plug in the roaster.

Here are a couple of roasting profiles I created. I am not a roasting expert, but they worked much better for me than the default setting. I hope you will find them useful as a starting point.

Low altitude coffees from Hawaii, Sumatra, & other islands
Step 1: Fan Speed 9, Time 1.5 min, Temp Low
Step 2: Fan Speed 8, Time 1.5, Temp Low
Step 3: Fan Speed 8, Time 1.5, Temp Med
Step 4: Fan Speed 7, Time 1.5, Temp Med
Step 5: Fan Speed 8, Time 3, Temp High
Step 6: Fan Speed 9, Time 3, Temp Cool

Standard coffees from South America, Africa, etc.
Step 1: Fan Speed 9, Time 2, Temp Low
Step 2: Fan Speed 7, Time 1.5, Temp Low
Step 3: Fan Speed 6, Time 1.5, Temp Low
Step 4: Fan Speed 7, Time 1.5, Temp Med
Step 5: Fan Speed 6, Time 1.5, Temp Med
Step 6: Fan Speed 7, Time 1.5, Temp High
Step 7: Fan Speed 9, Time 3, Temp Cool

Note that I added extra time in the last step of these profiles to allow for darker roasts, which means you have to watch the roast and manually start the cooling cycle as soon as you think the beans are ready. I also use less than the maximum capacity of the roaster: 90 grams of green beans, or about 3 scoops instead of four scoops. This helps to keep the temperatures down a little; the roaster seems to run very hot.

I do not entirely regret this purchase, but cannot give it an enthusiastic recommendation due to the poorly thought out interface, miserable instructions, and inability to save more than one roast profile in the SR700. If Fresh Roast addresses these design shortcomings, they will have a very good product for small batch roasting.

*** UPDATE: June 6, 2016 ***

Just a couple of things to add to my original review...

First, I have a major concern about the longevity of the roaster. Twice in the last week the fan quit while roasting. Had I not been standing there to pull the plug, the roast would not have finished as expected. 'Not sure if the SR700 is designed to shut off the heating element if the fan quits unexpectedly; if not, it's a fire in the making. From now on, I will always stand next to the roaster until it finishes the roast cycle.

Second, as recommended in the comments following my review, I looked at the OpenRoast software solution. It was a nice suggestion, and I am truly impressed by the open source community. (You guys are so innovative!) They have extended the potential of the SR700 to a level way beyond what the manufacturer came up with. Having said that, I spent nearly a day trying to figure out how to get the software and then how to use it. I'm not a software engineer and found all that stuff about Git and Python very confusing. After a few hours of going down the wrong path (I apparently don't need Git or Python), I managed to find a Windows executable and install the software, but my high hopes were soon dashed. Once the SR700 started, OpenRoast was unable to adjust the temperature, which nearly set the beans on fire! The beans were charred and smoking profusely very quickly after starting. I wonder if OpenRoast requires a separate thermometer...?

Anyway, it seems that you have to keep a computer plugged into the roaster while roasting instead of just downloading a roast profile, which is very impractical for me so I have completely given up on OpenRoast for now. By the way, I realize the OpenRoast software development is all a voluntary effort, but for those of us who are not engineers, we really could use some simple instructions to get up and running.

Having said that, I learned a lot and gained some insights into setting up a better roasting profile that I can download to the SR700 using the klunky Fresh Beans Roaster application. My latest profile (below) seems to be working MUCH better than the two profiles I posted earlier in this review, and so far I have not had to do any manual overrides while roasting in an ambient temperature of around 72 F. I think I'll stick with this for a while, as it is a single profile that gives good results with all of my favorite beans. What a pity, though, that this "programmable" roaster takes so much effort to program, and then only stores only one profile! Not only that, but every time I plug it in, it defaults to the dumb factory profile that I can't imagine using for any beans. Then I have to remember the magic sequence of buttons to push in order to activate my custom profile instead of the default. (Let's see, do I push the power button first and then the mode button, or the other way around?) I sometimes forget when I roast several days later since there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Give me a break!!

Step 1: Fan Speed 9, Time 0.5, Temp Low
Step 2: Fan Speed 9, Time 1.0, Temp Cool (off)
Step 3: Fan Speed 9, Time 0.5, Temp Low
Step 4: Fan Speed 9, Time 1.0, Temp Cool
Step 5: Fan Speed 9, Time 0.5, Temp Low
Step 6: Fan Speed 9, Time 1.0, Temp Cool
Step 7: Fan Speed 9, Time 0.5, Temp Low
Step 8: Fan Speed 9, Time 1.0, Temp Cool
Step 9: Fan Speed 9, Time 0.5, Temp Low
Step 10: Fan Speed 9, Time 1.0, Temp Cool
Step 11: Fan Speed 9, Time 0.8, Temp Low
Step 12: Fan Speed 7, Time 1.0, Temp Low
Step 13: Fan Speed 8, Time 0.8, Temp Medium
Step 14: Fan Speed 7, Time 0.6, Temp Medium
Step 15: Fan Speed 6, Time 0.7, Temp Medium
Step 16: Fan Speed 8, Time 1.0, Temp High
Step 17: Fan Speed 9, Time 0.8, Temp Low
Step 18: Fan Speed 9, Time 1.0, Temp Cool
Step 19: Fan Speed 9, Time 0.3, Temp Cool (end)

Steps 1 through 10 are repetitions of a short heat/long cool cycle, which gives the beans time to release their moisture before the real roasting begins. I think this improves the flavor. The remaining steps take the beans to the verge of second crack, and then a gentle cool down, resulting in dark brown beans with a smooth, dry surface (no oil). If you like darker roasts, like French or Vienna, I would try increasing the time in steps 15 and/or 16. If you prefer lighter roasts, I would try reducing steps 16 and/or 17.

I hope this helps. BTW, I'm keeping my rating at two stars, as the SR700 is still capable of producing good roasts. Should the intermittent fan failures continue, though, I'll drop the rating down to 1 star.

UPDATE: June 7, 2017

Just ordered 2 replacement parts, the chaff collector and lid, because they developed holes (plastic pieces just broke off; the heat probably made these parts brittle over time). These parts lasted about 2 years. Replacement cost w/standard shipping is just over $46. 'Not happy about this.Leggi di più 30 persone l'hanno trovato utile. Vai su .com per consultare tutte le 52 recensioni 4,0 su 5 stelle